Our first full vintage and what a cracking year. 


This wine is 100% Merlot made from 35-year old vines in 3 parcels directly in front of and to the side of the winery.


It has fresh, ripe red fruit flavours - ripe cherry, ripe strawberry and plum as well as some black fruits such as blueberry and blackberry. This fruitiness is complemented by the oak flavours of cedar wood and hints of tobacco and spice. 


This wine is to drink from young ie late 2020 and for up to 15 years but the absolute best drinking window is likely to be  2022 to 2028. 


The Nitty Gritty

Harvested on 9th October 2018 by hand, we then put our top grapes straight into 500-litre French oak barrels for fermentation. The barrels are turned morning noon and night to gently mix the skins, pips and juice and the number of turns depends on the year ie the ripeness and profile of the grapes. And yes, we turn one direction in the morning, the opposite direction at noon and so on. 

The grapes macerate and the fermentation kicks off after a couple of days 


After fermentation, the wine was put into 225 litre ('normal-sized') barrels. 70% of these are 1 year old ie have had one vintage in them (we bought these from a top St Emilion château) and 30% are new from different coopers in Bordeaux and other parts of France. We buy from different coopers and forests to try out the effect of different grains of wood and styles of cooperage on the wine. It is incredible how certain barrels mature the same wine at a different pace and highlight different particularities.


The barrel fermentation brings all the lovely secondary flavours that we love from oak-aged wine - cedar, tobacco and brings out all the plumminess and spice aromas


But the wood is not overwhelming - it really rounds out the tannins and is fabulously integrated into the overall wine.



Château George 7 2018 75cl Bottle X 3

  • So I could just say all the usual - grilled or roast red meats (think roast beef sunday lunch) or steak from the BBQ - but we have gone a step further and got a chef to come up with meat, vegetarian and vegan recipes that pair beautifully with our wines whatever season we are in. Also, I love cooking so have come up with my less-cheffy ideas - how about a rich mushroom risotto, or chicken in a red wine sauce served with root veg mash.....

    Hop over to the recipe section for details and more pointers. We will also pop recipe cards in your order when we ship your wine.