Prince is 100% Merlot made from 35-year old vines in the parcel which is directly in front of my door.


When you taste Prince, you know what the wine-buffy term 'fruit-forward' really means - the fruit is right there, crunchy and fresh: strawberries, cherries, plums... and then a touch of oak to balance the fruit with good structure and to round the tannins. Easy-drinking perfectly describes it because it can be drunk young (from 2020), goes with all kinds of lunch and dinner dishes that is calling out for a fruity merlot. It will drink well for about 10 years.


The Nitty Gritty

Harvested on 9th October 2018 and then manually and optically sorted which means we go through and pick out anything we don't think is good enough and then a machine that has a long conveyor belt with 10 cameras judges each grape for colour and size (beyond what the human eye can do) to ensure we get homogeneous fruit. We then put them into a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank where they were macerated and fermented.

After fermentation, the wine was put into the 500 litre barrels that Ch George 7 was fermented in. These large barrels give off fewer oak flavours than the usual 225 litre barrels (because surface area to wine is less) but this means that with just 9 months in the beasts of barrels, the fruitiness is complemented and not masked.  So the tannins are rounded, acidity is fresh and the wine is superbly concentrated with a deep colour making it easy-drinking with many dishes.


Prince de George 7 2018 75cl Bottle X 6

  • As well as giving broad suggestions, we have gone a step further and asked a chef to come up with meat, vegetarian and vegan recipes that pair beautifully with our wines whatever season we are in.


    So, like for Château George 7, the cliché food and wine pairing would be simple grilled meats or why not easy charcuterie platters, burgers from the BBQ . Or if you want to step up the food, why not try it with a savoury cheesecake or a mackeral gravlax (summer recipes).


    Because I love cooking, I have some thoughts that are more 'everyday' cooking which go perfectly with Prince for a yummy supper - how about a vegetarian lasagne with lentils cooked up in a slow cook tomato sauce replacing the meat layer (Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for that) or a risotto topped with roasted aubergines, peppers, courgettes and red onions.


    Hop over to the recipe section for details and more pointers. We will also pop recipe cards in your order when we ship your wine.