Matching Food & Wine

At Château George 7, we think that the wines we make are perfect to go with food and on a whole host of occasions. But what goes with what?

Each season we will share recipes and dish ideas that will pair perfectly with Prince or Château George 7 and the ingredients that are abundant at the time. Some will be more intricate – especially developed for us by Chef Stéphanie - and some are just pointers based on food and wine pairing principles and recipes by other chefs.

So whether your neighbours are popping in for a bite or you are planning a special celebration supper, we have some recipes to make your mouth water and the wine to help you savour them.

Food & Recipes

Many a memorable moment is created by the sharing of good food and wine. Whether it is a simple midweek supper or a more elaborate celebration, there is always a great food and wine combination to make it that bit more special.

“When I dreamed of making wine, I always hoped it would be enjoyed around the table with good food and great company.”


Sally, Chateau George 7 Owner


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Sally was cooking in the family pub in her teens and running the kitchen in her Cotswold Inn in her twenties. Since then, food has continued to be important through entertaining and celebrations or just sharing simple times with friends and family.

We are bringing you the wine and the food ideas – just add friends and serve.

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