Try the full Château George 7 range:  

4 bottles of AOC Fronsac red wine  & 2 bottles of AOC Bordeaux white.

So the 'Taste of George 7'  includes:

2 bottles of Château George 7 2018, 2 bottles of Prince 2018. Both are 100% Merlot made from 35-year old vines in 3 parcels directly in front of and to the side of the house and winery.

2 bottles of Château George 7 Blanc 2020 - grown a stone's throw from the winery and then fermented in new Burgundy barrels and stainless steel on the lees for 6 months.


Château George 7 2018

This wine has fresh, ripe red fruit flavours - ripe cherry, ripe strawberry and plum as well as some black fruits such as blueberry and blackberry. This fruitiness is complemented by the oak flavours of cedar wood and hints of tobacco and spice. 


This wine can be drunk young ie from 2020 and for up to 15 years but the absolute best drinking window is likely to be  2022 to 2028.  


Prince de George 7 2018

When you taste Prince, you know what the wine-buffy term 'fruit-forward' really means - the fruit is right there, crunchy and fresh: strawberries, cherries, plums... and then a touch of oak to balance the fruit with good structure and to round the tannins. Easy-drinking perfectly describes it because it can be drunk young (from 2020), goes with all kinds of lunch and dinner dishes that is calling out for a fruity merlot. It will drink well for about 10 years.


Château George 7 Blanc 2020

Château George 7 Blanc has a lovely fruitiness and zestiness balanced by a rounded mouthfeel. It has an elegant nose bursting with aromas of fresh stone fruits & white flowers (orange blossom). On the palate, the oak and lees ageing gives the body some ‘oomph’ and it bursts with flavours of white peaches and pears, citrus fruits (pink grapefruit & candied lemon). Enjoy it on its own as an apéritif and with food in any season.


A Taste of George 7 75cl Bottle x 6

  • Because I love our wines with food, and because there is such a range of great food and wine pairing to be done with oaked and lesser oaked wines, such as Prince and Château George 7 (red) or the fruity zesty Château George 7 Blanc, then I have asked chef Stéphanie to come up with meat, vegetarian and vegan recipes that pair beautifully with our wines whatever season we are in.


    Also, I love cooking so have come up with my less-cheffy ideas - how about a rich mushroom risotto, chicken in a red wine sauce served with root veg mash..... or some goat's cheese nibbles with red onion marmalade or grilled asparagus... so many options for the 3 wine styles.


    Hop over to the recipe section for details and more pointers. We will also pop recipe cards in your order when we ship your wine. These cards are available in English and French.