February 2020

Must-visit Châteaux: The Best of Bordeaux

Decanter February 2020 Article


I am delighted to be featured in the Bordeaux Top Winery Visits' special in the February Edition of Decanter Magazine - a selection of 10 wineries made by Jane Anson to whet people's appetites and encourage them to head to Bordeaux to explore all the delights that we have to offer.

The section about Château George 7 highlights my story and recommends coming to visit. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and book up. More info on types of visits or tours you can do here.

Read the full article here

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October 2019


Any woman out there looking to go it alone in a vineyard? Then get in touch.

The  5-year journey to date from property visits to a leading critic’s validation of my first full vintage has involved countless conversations, many, many decisions, several spread sheets, a number of rethinks and a few 4am “what am I doing?” (expletives deleted).

Being a woman going it alone and being responsible for everything from financing to naming the Château can be very daunting and I have been very lucky to meet some fantastic people along the way. Some things I might have done differently, while many more I wish I had known about up front because it would have saved me time and money.


As I meet and chat to people about this journey, so often I am told: “That was brave, I would love to do that but I wouldn’t know where to start.”  So, I am offering any woman who is thinking of turning a wine passion into a reality:

  • a weekend to stay here at Chateau George 7 to talk through your project in depth;

  • help with the business elements eg cashflow, forecasting, listing capex needs, admin and marketing;

  • ongoing skype/phone discussions through various stages;

All adapted to the individual or her project.


A background in business and marketing has given me a good grounding on how to approach the business side. Acquiring the WSET diploma has ensured I have a broad understanding of the wine industry. Becoming an accredited tutor of the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux has given me insight into how a leading wine region is positioning itself for the future …… and washing down the winery floor, deleafing the vines, turning heavy 500 litre barrels and dealing with French customs has given me a good insight into the reality of your own vineyard.


If you are a woman going it alone and you dream of having your own vineyard, then get in touch.                                                      #winementor

September 2019

The Future of Wine Conference

November 4th 2019, London

Is the wine industry ready for sustainability? Is it just playing lip-service or 'greenwashing' or really doing its bit to make a difference? I am really looking forward to participating in this debate  at the Conduit Club in Mayfair early November.  Its objectives are to 'clarify confusion around what sustainability means and how to put it into practice in the wine industry' with representatives from retail, distribution, wine production (including me!) and the media.


Sustainability in all its forms - understanding what, how and why - has been one of the challenges of setting up a new Château and wine production here in Fronsac. In my view, it has so many facets beyond simply the environmental aspects within the vineyard and winery. To read more about my approach read my blog on the topic 

For more information and to register to attend visit: The Future of Wine                                               #sustainability  #sustainablewine

August 2019


100 femmes qui vont la différence dans les vignes de France


« Feminine wines do not exist…… but women who make wine certainly do! Get to know these 100 women winemakers (vigneronnes), follow the twists and turns of their incredible journeys, understand their personalities and their strength of character… and last but not least, discover the delectable fruits of their labours ». 


I am proud. No, really proud, to be in the company of remarkable winemakers in this book by Sandrine. She talks about my decision to follow my dream, to move to Bordeaux and to create Château George 7. She also talks about my passion for Fronsac and for creating a sustainable vineyard. 

The book is laid out in an easy-to-read format. So even if your French isn't fluent, it is easy to pick up and flick through.


If you would like to discover other women who have chosen to venture (and adventure) in wine, get a copy at amazon.fr or at a bookstore when you next come to France.                                                                                   

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