Making Our Wine


Merlot flourishes here in the Fronsac terroir of clay soil over the underlying  limestone plateau which stretches across the village of Saillans. This exceptional terroir is reflected in the quality of the wines. We tend each small parcel of the 3-hectare estate according to its specific aspect and particularities to encourage the very best it has to offer. Sustainability is our guiding principle for all aspects of our winemaking from looking after the soil through to what is in your glass.

" Marlot flourishes in the Fronsac terroir here in Saillans ."


Enjoying gentle slopes within the well-known undulations of the Fronsac appellation, the mature 35 year old vines soak up the Bordeaux sunshine and light breezes encourage healthy fruit.



By planting hedgerows, we encourage biodiversity and by eliminating chemicals, we are restoring the natural balance of plants and wildlife that live in harmony with the vines. So, we nurture the vineyard through responsible, sustainable viticulture to ensure we give back to nature as much as we take out.



We harvest the grapes late - making the most of the late summer sun - to encourage velvety fruit with thin skins for the right balance of tannins and full flavours. Then we ​craft our wines in the newly-equipped winery at the heart of the estate using a combination of 500 litre oak barrels and stainless steel before small barrel maturation - in French oak bien sûr!


In both vineyard and winery, the team blend tried and trusted traditions of Bordeaux winemaking with innovative technology and approaches to bring out nature's best.


Watch the video to find out more about Chateau George 7, the history behind the wine and harvesting. Presented by Sally.

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