Chef's Recipe 


A very special complete barbecue meal which is vegan and bursting with flavours. It needs a little time to prepare in advance so that ingredients can rest or marinate but then the cooking time is short. 

Prep: 40 mins then 2hrs resting/marinating time
Cook: 45 mins

Serves: 4

Make all the elements together or take one or two to add to a meat-based barbecue. The cauliflower florets are just wonderful and can be made any time of year as an extra dish.

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 Chef's Recipe 


Wow guests with this very special starter or main course combining a parmesan filling with a cracker crumb and a touch of freshness in the garnish. Served cold so it is just perfect for a warm summer's day.

Prep: 30 mins 
Cooling/Setting: 4 hrs

Serves: 6 or 8 as a starter

Because this dish needs about 4 hours to set completely, then make it in the morning ready for dinner or the day before for a special lunch. Then decorate at the last minute before serving. 

Hint: use a tin with a narrower diameter and higher sides to get the best effect.

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 Chef's Recipe 


A fresh summer starter or light lunch - the flavours marry deliciously together and the whole dish is very special yet healthy and light too.

Prep: 10 mins then 15 mins the following day
 Marinating time: 24 hrs

Serves: 4

Preparation is mainly the day before - putting the filets into the marinade and leaving them for 24 hours in the fridge and you can make the red onion pickle the day before too. Then just slice the fish thinly and arrange before serving.  

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 Sally's Everyday 


 A yummy, caramelised red onion accompaniment which goes perfectly with all kinds of cold meats, cheese, quiche, burgers from the BBQ. Take a small jar on a picnic or use to make sandwiches that bit more special.

Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 1 hr

 Makes: 3-4 jars

Accompany with Château George 7 or Prince  depending on what else you are eating.

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