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Join the Bordeaux Crew

The dynamic videos of the Bordeaux wines marketing campaign

Bordeaux Wines Campaign

6 Feb 2024

Sally is super excited to be a part of the FAB new Bordeaux Wines campaign for 2024.

Appearing in all versions of the French and International video campaigns, Sally plays the role of a rather 'strict' woman (not at all how she is in real life!). The films highlight that everyone involved in wine in Bordeaux is just as diverse as the wines we make and serve yet we have a collective energy and passion.

Sally's story is just one of the many we find in Bordeaux and is featured in this new communication campaign. Get ready to vibrate with us, the Bordeaux Crew, in 2024!

Together yet unique by nature. #JointheBDXcrew"

Check out the Vin Bordeaux channel to watch the latest campaign videos in English and français

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